The Art of Atari Book Review

While cleaning out totes a few days ago, I found a book that I bought at a convention a few years ago and decided to take a look. The book was called The Art of Atari written by Tim Lapetino. While I initially picked the book up because I wanted to see some cool art for old videogames, what I actually got while going back and reading it is a love letter not only for video game box art, but for the Atari in general. Tim does a great Job, in my opinion, of balancing text and art which I appreciate. The book is 350 full color pages and most of those pages are filled with beautifully rendered scans of various Atari consoles, Advertisements, and most importantly game boxes.


While there is plenty of box art. There are also fascinating stories such as the infamous E.T Landfill.

Usually when there is text on a page, Tim tends to keep it about a paragraph size in order for the focus to stay on the art which I appreciate, and the text that is there is interesting and very informative. Most games will also have a small box showing a screenshot of gameplay which I think is a cool Juxtaposition between the very primitive graphics of the Atari 2600 and the incredibly detailed artwork commissioned for said games which enticed children back then to want to buy them in the first place.

An Example of the Juxtaposition with the Atari game Joust

Overall, if you are interested in video game history, or just like looking at good artwork. I would highly recommend you Pick up the Art of Atari as soon as possible.


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