Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Switch Review

D3loNy9UcAEjcmG[1]I’ve been a Dragon Ball fan for a long time, and I’ve also been keeping up with an, until now, Japan only card arcade game Called Dragon Ball Heroes. Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission released for the Nintendo Switch and Steam on April 4th, 2019, and while I haven’t played it for very long, I can tell that I’m going to enjoy it for many hours down the road.

The gameplay has you choose 7 cards of your favorite Dragon Ball characters with 3 distinct types of cards to help you strategize. After picking cards that help compliment your playstyle, the goal is then to defeat your opponent. D3loNzFU4AMUZs-[1]The story mode does a good job of adding various win conditions to the battles in order to keep things from going stale. You move your cards between various zones in order to use and regain energy so your cards can continue fighting. There is also a system where you have to time a button press with your opponent in order to either do more damage or to block more damage depending on if you’re attacking or defending. Overall, it is an interesting battle system that I can’t wait to toy around with more.

Winning Minigames Allows Special moves to activate


The graphics and sound are a bit of a mixed bag, because there are so many different character models and cards in the game, the graphics engine uses the Budokai engine for the character models. While I personally understand and like the art style of the Budokai games, these are models based off of a ps2 game which could turn people off. All in all, I think SDHWM has a shot at being one of my favorite DBZ RPG’s for now.


While the graphics are dated, I believe they still have charm.

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