How Tetris 99 Proved Me Wrong.

D1l-aU2VAAAGibiWhen I first saw Tetris 99 in a Nintendo Direct I had to Laugh, “A Tetris Battle Royale Game?! What A stupid Idea!” Needless to say, Tetris 99 is not a game that I thought I would sink any time into when it released on the 13th of February last month, and yet here I am one month later completely addicted to it. D2dWEe2UcAAWJEIThe first question one might ask is how do you translate Tetris gameplay into the battle royale genre of games, and the answer is very simple. You see the 99 in Tetris 99 isn’t the number of Tetris games have released, although with how long the franchise has been going for you wouldn’t be mistaken thinking that, it actually means that you are playing versus Tetris with 99 other players at the exact same time.


Each little rectangle is a player playing at the same time as you

This is something that may seem deceptively simple, but in actuality it means you have to play the game in a whole different way. There are many strategies that may seem like good ideas in other Tetris games, but because many people are sending junk blocks your way you can’t implement those in Tetris 99. The game is also good at giving that, “one more game” mentality because of how quick and easy it is to get into a game, and also how easy it is to lose. All in all, I’m very impressed by how much Tetris 99 surprised me. What seemed like a shameless trend-grab of a game actually turned into a fun experience for me that I keep going back to constantly. If you own a switch. The game is free if you have Nintendo Online so I highly recommend it.


The Best I’ve Done So Far


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