My Top 5 Favorite Amiibo’s that I own.

My Amiibo Collection

Amiibos are probably the best example of toys to life I’ve ever seen. The fact that the figurines you buy could net you benefits for many different Nintendo games definitely made me an avid collector. I picked up my first Amiibo, a link one, at the same time Smash Brothers for Wii U was released in 2014, and since then I’ve collected many more. These are just 5 of my favorite Amiibo’s from the many that I own.

5.) The Super Mario Cereal Amiibo

While the Amiibo itself is not that useful in the slightest (it Just gives you a powerup in Mario Odyssey) The novelty of the entire Amiibo being a box of generic cereal charmed me enough to consider it a highlight in my collection.

4.) Ridley Amiibo

Ridley is one of the newest Amiibo released for the current line of Smash Ultimate characters and with a slightly higher price point as well. Those few extra dollars were worth it though because this Amiibo is perfectly detailed. The Amiibo perfectly captures Ridley’s menacing aura and strength with incredible detail. Definitely an Amiibo worth owning in my opinion.

3.) Ryu Amiibo

I Personally love the Street Fighter series and I have to say, they did Ryu right with this wonderful Amiibo. It has a good amount of detail and has a really cool looking pose for the big R that I personally find appealing.

2.) Shovel Knight Amiibo

Shovel Knight is one of the few Amiibo not developed by Nintendo which means it was a lot harder to get my hands on this one. I’m lucky I did though because the shovel knight Amiibo not only looks good, but it also is very useful in game as well. The Shovel Knight Amiibo ot only unlocks cool upgrades, it also unlocks new cosmetics, a new challenge mode, and a second player can use the Amiibo to have on screen co-op on the Wii U version!

1) Wolf Link Amiibo


I Love this Amiibo! From the size of it, to the little details, and especially the in game benefits it gives. While the challenge dungeon in Twilight Princess is merely OK, Breath of the Wild incentivizes you to do well in it because the health you end with in Twilight Princess will effect the max health of the adorable Wolf Link companion in that game!

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